Tesco Automation 2022 Year End Updates

A Year of Growth and Momentum

2022 was another unprecedented year that resulted in growth and diversification within Tesco Automation. Our digital substation engineering services – including IEC 61850 – have been busy completing IED configurations, test plans, templates, and proof-of-concept testing for various digital substation initiatives. We are witnessing an increased uptake in Tesco’s cyber security engineering services as it relates to DNPSA5, DNP3SA5/6, and IEC 62351. Meanwhile, Tesco’s training offerings via IEC 61850 University have evolved to now support a virtual course, which has so far been completed in the Philippines, South Africa, the USA, and Canada. The growth from 2022 will provide good momentum to launch Tesco into 2023, where we will take on new digital substation projects and clients.

Tesco Service Offerings

Tesco Service Offerings


Tesco Automation

Tesco is excited for 2023 – it’s looking to be an exciting year ahead! In addition to our other IEC 61850 service offerings, we are seeing an increased interest in centralized/virtualized protection applications, and we anticipate this will keep us busy throughout the year.

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IEC 61850 University

IEC 61850 University continues to keep busy, with a growing interest in customized training courses that are tailored to the client’s specific implementation of IEC 61850.

We are happy to offer a “Trouble-shooting & Diagnosing IEC 61850 Communications” course that teaches technicians/engineers a systematic process to troubleshoot IEC 61850 communications.

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Tesco mobile digital substation - IEC 61850 University

IEC 61850

From a standards perspective, Tesco continues to keep busy leading the IEC 61850-6-2 (HMI) Task Force, Vice-Chair of IEEE H30 (IEC 61850 User Feedback), and we have also been appointed as the new editor of IEC 61850-7-4 (Logical Nodes).

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Digital Substations - User Task Force

The Digital Substations User Task Force had a productive set of meetings this year and is pleased to release the 2023 agenda/calendar. The Digital Substations User Task Force is a free platform for digital substation stakeholders to share information, and our global membership base has achieved over 160 end-users, 110 vendors, and 35 academics.

Click the link below for more information on the 2023 agenda.

2023 Meeting Calendar

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