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EPCOR: Process Bus Breaker Fail and Sync Check Application

IEC61850 Process Bus Breaker Fail and Sync Check Application Application of IEC61850 Process Bus : Breaker Fail, Synchronism Check, & Trip Coil Monitoring Author: Curtis Ruff, P.Eng. Contributors: Adam Rudd; Laine Goodwin, P.Eng.

CEATI Slides – Protection & Control Program

The main objective of the Protection & Control program is to bring industry professionals together to identify, discuss and develop solutions to common issues by creating a networking opportunity for utilities concerned with application, optimization and the innovative use of protection and control technologies in their power systems. It also serves as a forum to identify knowledge gaps and to provide guidance on future research and technology development initiatives. Focus Areas Management of Protection Assets & Investment Strategies Protective Relaying Maintenance Practices Protection Systems Design – Standards and Utility Practices Automation of Substations New and Emerging Protection Technologies

End User Meeting

Coming in December – Powerlink’s Digital Substation Roadmap and Lessons Learned from the IEC 61850 Global Conference 2019

Presented by: Tuan Vu FIEAust, CPEng, RPEQ, NER, APEC Engineer, IntPE(Aus) Senior Digital Asset Strategies Engineer Asset Strategies – Technology and Planning Deliveries and Technical Solutions Powerlink Queensland

SURVEY – High-Voltage Process Bus Testing: Line Differential Application

Survey results will be available to members with active profiles. Click here for survey.

Hydro Québec IEC 61850 System Specification Session

Information session with Hydro Québec discussing their Grid Modernization and Automation Evolution Program (CREA). This session was conducted on June 25th, 2019.

Digital Substation User Task Force Meeting: Soft Launch – Aug 6th

Beginning in August, all Task Force meetings will be supported by, a purpose built website to host our Digital Substation Task Force meetings. Log-in is required to view all future meetings. Please join us for a brief introduction to the website.

Preferred Topics Survey

Please see below a survey to gauge interest in preferred topics here at DigitalSubstations. The survey is short, only two questions, so we hope you can take a second to give us your insight. We discuss the results of these polls at are regular UTF administration meetings. Thank you for your participation.

Digital Substation User Task Force – Survey Results, June 2019

Thank you for participating in the recent Digital Substation User Task Force Survey, which was focused on HMI and Merging Unit applications. Please see the results of the survey, which had participation from >50% of the utilities.   Next survey will focus on the proposed subjects/utility hosts for future meetings. We have a quite a few options to choose from. Digital Substation User Task Force – Survey Results: June 2019